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What are dimensions and realms?

 Dimensions and Realms

There are 12 known dimensions, and twelve overtones of each.  It's like the musical scale, 12 notes in each octave.  These physical earth bodies reside in the 12th overtone of the 3rd dimension.   The third dimension is in the physical realm.  The words reflection and dimension are practically synonyms.  Each overtone is a reflection of the one above it.  Starting with "the source" and reflecting downwards in a spiral until it reaches "you", or actually more where your consciousness is.  You can also look at it like a wave.  All energy is carried on a carrier wave,  including light.  This is also realized by the scientists here, that's how we get our electronic signals around.  Audible sound (20htz to 20khtz), which are pressure waves through the air.  Then the electro magnetic waves go into am, fm, visible light, all the way to gamma the signal our minds, heart and core work on. 

Just like musical notes the higher the note, the faster it's vibrating.  Matter is super condensed energy that vibrates slower.  When we take ourselves to a higher vibration, we are no longer dealing with the physical plane, but we can achieve this from this construct, because we are all those things at once.

DNA is the physical manifestation of this spiral of light that extends down the overtones (our souls "light spiral" is  like DNA, and attaches to it).  DNA is third dimensional reflection.  Thus proof everything is one.  The internet is a reflection of the "cosmic" connection that we all have.  That's why everything we think, becomes reality here.  The thought reflects this plane, manifests itself in the astral plane, and reflects back here.  It all works together, our awareness of it can increase, because all our "bodies" (physical, mental, astral, emotional, ect.) in there own realms, are "together", even though the are in separate realms, we are the "whole" of them, our entire energetic a physical construct.  The more we concentrate on the wholeness, the more our awareness of the whole increases, the more we are in tune with our higher selves on the upper dimensions, the more we will evolve.

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Having an open heart and mind along filling yourself with light makes every situation clear and in a higher vibration.