Dragon Sleeping

What is a real dragon?


Dragons are warriors for light (lightworkers). We are a collective of souls who service light. We can infuse our souls into bodies that are not dragon (human for example). In this way we can work for light and efficiently bring about changes. We work in teams, and often share our vessels (bodies) with other members of the kin. The earth's conscious is evolving, it has a race of people that need to make the deadline, and there are many of us here working to accomplish that end.

Do you feel like a dragon inside?  Have you always been drawn to them?  Does this world feel very limiting?  Are most of the spirits you channel dragons?  It could be you're a dragon too, or are very connected to the dragon collective. How we come into this world varies in so many ways, it boggles these brains.

Channeling them, Dragons usually appear to people as themselves. There are those times when they appear as winged humans, or something else, but for the most part you see them as they will appear as they would be in their own physical environment.  

Dragons originated in a nebula far on the edge of the universe.  We as a whole have been around serving Grace for a very long time.  Most dragons don't have names; we are categorized by our color, which is the ray we came on.  Most Dragons incarnated here came awake (on at least some level), or to be awakened this life.  We've come in enough times to be familiar with this race.  Some have a long history incarnating here, others just enough to get by (but then Grace always takes care). 

One must gain the right to incarnate here, and gain the right to bring things here. To understand this race we've incarnated in a number of different "settings", both awake, and asleep spiritually.  Understanding a race means to live the lives in the same exact manner they do. Gray Dragon

I think it's interesting how many cultures of this race have integrated the dragon into they're lore.  The connection to earth has been prevalent for quite some time, before humans were even here.  Part of the reflective energetic qualities the moon brought to the earth, made the dragon’s part earth spirit before time existed like it does now. And therefore were included in "the great forest", as dragons. So when humans came, the dragons of course appeared to them.  The earth dragon is still the embodiment of these earlier phases of the earth in relation to the dragon mind.

Living in the Dragon nebula (witch has evolved to a high degree of consciousness), is quite different from living on this planet (as it has been).  Energy works on many more planes, and it's not uncommon to shape matter at will, hear all the thoughts of the collective at the same time, feel all the love at the same time, and many other things Grace has given.  Dragons are androgens, and have no duality in the nebula.  Our DNA is 12 stranded, and can be modified, as well can our shape.  Dragons live upwards physically of 300 years, or more.  Teachers raise dragons, not parents. There are dragons the size of planets, where I come from.

Dragons are always teachers of spiritual knowledge, and can be channeled by anyone who will listen to them.  They love to tell you about every think they know. There're sticklers for "tests", and responsibility to Grace, and know many ways to get you to do the right thing.

The dragons are very inner-connected with all races.  Dragons are always willing to help. Dragons put the will of grace before their own. There are many dragons here on all overtones of the 4th and 5th dimensions.  Dragons have inspired many novels, television shows, movies and Halloween costumes.  Many of these costumes are inspired from movies. Overall there is no denying the impact that these creatures have had on Halloween traditions.

Dragons by Color (Clan)

Dragon Color Meanings

Red DragonsRed Dragon

Red dragon characteristics are desire, passion, fire, rage. These dragons literally eat darkness, and transmute it to light. Intensity is only matched by the amount of fire these dragons wield. To them energy is energy, food, grub.

Gold Dragons
Gold Dragon

The golden ray, the creative spark are aspects of gold dragons. They are the keepers of phi. They speak the language of the heart. Art and music are brought here by gold dragons. Gold dragons can be channeled for healing. See sacred geometry, and the golden means.

Silver Dragons

Reflection, they inhabit the meridians of the universe. These dragons come around when we look into ourselves. Perspectives are a good word for silver dragons, and they see every perspective from every reflection.

White Dragons

White dragons maintain the purity of the collective, the grace connection. They often are guardians. These dragons can also be channeled for healing.

Blue DragonsBlue Dragon

They are about the consciousness, communication, and mental awareness. They are also intricately linked with what illusion is, how to see through it, and how to create it. There are many illusions on this plane, and the blue dragon can guide one through them. There insight into the etheric plane, and how it moves and works, because it is one of the primary realms for these dragons to do their mental work.

Orange Dragons

The will is the color orange. These dragons bring in strength, confidence, and bravery. Fire dragons by nature, they move with quickness. They don't inflate ego's, they merely instill confidence.

Brown DragonsRed Dragon Walking

Brown dragons are about physicality, and all its properties. They are masters of physics, on all realities, from shaping matter (shape shifting), to gravity, and physical form. Sphere is a keyword to understanding the brown dragon.

Green Dragon

The green dragon is the planet dragon, or earth dragon. Material in a big sense, however green is the color of life in the big picture. Lessons of "the material", are a big part of the way they teach. I would categorize the earth dragon among these qualities as well.


Yellow Dragons

Yellow dragons get knowledge and information transferred. They are linked to the subconscious (but aren't that), and usually bring in the information that is needed from one side to the other.

Purple DragonGreen Dragon

The purple dragon, sometimes referred to as "the ancient one", is the embodiment of the highest level of the dragon collective (the wisdom). (The earth dragon also appears to me as purple, however many see green)

The purple dragon is many dragons. Once one reaches a high enough evolution, they become "the collective" (dragons). And all these consciousnesses are compiled into one composite that holds all the wisdom and knowledge of the dragons, and that one is "the purple dragon". The first time the purple dragon appeared to me was after I had realized I was a dragon, and I'd already met the earth dragon. It was when they gave me the rules of the purple cord that is attached to the top back of my neck. When we pose as humans (in these bodies), we are stuck in this brain, and have to be reminded what we are, and the "rules" we live by.

The purple dragon teaches us about the universe, the dragons, and Grace. The purple dragon is the embodiment of the 7th dimensional collective, in other words it is the highest evolved part of the dragon core.