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What is a Druid, Pagan, or Wiccan?

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This page will act somewhat in conjunction with the  forum. Feel free to post on the forum, or email me directly for more private matters.


Please keep in mind that more information will be added. In fact, please email me to let me know what you would like to see, and I will do my best to add it. I would like this page to be all of ours, not just mine. This page will belong to the Pagan, Wiccan and Druidic community.


Looking into the history of Druidic, Wiccan and Pagan rites, I think that we can all agree that they stem from a very similar place. Each faction celebrates similar holidays and rites with equal enthusiasm. While the ceremonies themselves differ, the intent is the same. Thus, I am of the belief that ALL Pagans, Wiccans and Druids are sisters and brothers, and I will not segregate between the factions. I also consider these a way of life, not a religion. To be a Pagan, a Druid or a Wiccan, you must LIVE as one. You cannot simply chant a spell on Beltaine and be a witch.


The word "witch" will be used on this page as a universal word, encompassing Druids, Pagans and Wiccans, although most people naturally think of Wicca when they here the word witch. On my board, witch is synonymous with priestess, crafter, wise one, or any other title. This will hopefully cut down on confusion and eliminate the need for using each and every applicable title. 

 Druidism, Paganism and Wicca


While Wicca has earned a bad reputation over the past years of commercial glamorizing of the different sects, the truth cannot be found in a Hollywood movie, popular television series, or in a best selling novel. While these are great sources of entertainment and may even introduce some small samples of truth, these viewpoints are the fictional ideas of executives who have done no more than perhaps read a book somewhere. This is not to put them down, after all, they are only trying to make a living. And let's face it, Wicca sells! But Wicca is not about chants, spells and curses. Wiccans are not evil. In fact Majik is not evil or good. The way that we use our gifts determines the alignment of our works.


Pagans and Druids are much closer related than most may think. The word Pagan actually stems from the Latin word paganus, meaning "country-dweller" or "villager". This can be traced to the Roman influence on the British Isles, as many of the inhabitants were resistant to conforming to the Roman belief system. "Pagan" eventually became a term for a non-believer in the Christian church, or one who worshiped any other than the Christian God. Thus, Pagan tends to lean towards the oldest of our factions, Druidism. However, although true Pagans were of a similar belief and practiced many of the same rites, they were separate religions.


The Druids were a small number of practicing priests and priestesses who followed their own path rather than that set before them by an influx of other religions being introduced into their society. Shortly after the birth and death of Christ, the persecution of Druids began. Although many Christians and Druids were learning to live in harmony, the few ferverant believers are sometimes more powerful than the many pacifistic followers of any given religion. Thus, it became rather impossible for the different religions to co-exist. Unfortunately, in the long run the Druids were whittled down to a very few. Druids became labeled Pagans as the factions joined forces to keep the ancient beliefs alive.


There are very few written accounts of either Druidism or Paganism as the knowledge was passed down through verbal rather than written lore. Thus, it is rather virtually impossible to locate any true first hand accounts of the times or practices. Lucky for us, there are still those who have practiced throughout the years. Although much knowledge was lost, we did retain the most important aspects, and have been rediscovering through spirit even more.


In today's world, we are told that much of what we believe is fictional or impossible, thus it is necessary to set aside just about everything you have been raised to know as fact in order to properly attain the level of spirituality that is needed to preform and Pagan, Wiccan or Druidic acts. For instance, it is given as common knowledge that one cannot separate ones spirit from their body. Yet many of us have had an "out-of-body" experience, or have been able to reach another plane, be it through simple meditation to a more peaceful place or a true astral-planing experience. In the days of olde, we were able to use many herbs and local plants to attain a trance state which made this easier. Now, as most of these supplements are extinct or hard to obtain, we must have more discipline in order to attain the same levels which came easier in the past.


Thus, to be successful in pursuing this way of life, I cannot stress enough that you must separate yourself from the truths that you know to attain the truths that you will learn.  I am not here to make you into a witch and will not foretell your path, but will be glad to answer any questions that you might have.  A masters in communication might be helpful in understanding these truths and perhaps an online MBA would be able to assist you on this path, but in the end it will be your dedication which will show you the way.


Tools and Accessories

Many of the items available on this site are helpful tools for a witch, and I will be happy to help you locate the proper tool for your needs. While we all know that you do not need many tools, they are certainly helpful, and I highly recommend your use of them. Majik comes from the spirit, however, help from outside is never begrudged.


Many witches have an affinity for one element over any other, and although each element is necessary for preforming most Majik, certain elements hold more power with certain people. Thus, the Wands that we offer are already aligned toward your preferred element. The stones and energy that were applied to the Wands are meant to focus your purpose to a specific element. This is not to say that you will need a Wand for each element, but they are a helpful tool. The stones are also aligned towards certain purposes, each is available on it's description. We will be offering Scrying crystals and Scrying Stones as a useful tool to assist your Sight. We are happy to make items per your request, if you feel a pull toward a certain Wand or any other item, however it is not quite right, simply let us know your wishes. If you are looking for a certain item for your alter and you do not see it here, let us know and we will be happy to try to locate or create one for you.



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